• Recovery of Money through Civil Suit
  • Recovery of Money through Summary Suit
  • Suit for Recovery of Possession
  • Rent Control Litigation under the respective State Law
  • Suit for Title and Partition
  • Suit for Cancellation of Deeds and Documents
  • Suit for obtaining Succession Certificate and Probate
  • Suit for Declaration
  • Suit for Injunction
  • Suit for Damages and Compensation
  • Suit against Defamation
  • Motor Accident Claims before MACT Courts
  • Drafting of Legal Notice
  • Petition for Winding Up under Company Law
  • Petition for Oppression & Mismanagement under Company Law

We have filed the above mentioned suits on behalf of various individual and corporate clients which we cater to. The civil suits have been filed before the Senior Civil Judge, District Judge and the Delhi High Court depending on the valuation of the suit and the relief claimed. The firm claims to have an impeccable record in providing urgent and executable reliefs to its clients in the domain of Civil Law. We also provide legal advisory and pre litigation consultancy in relation to the above mentioned Civil Law areas.

  • Insolvency matters before the NCLT under the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, 2016
  • Securitization Application against Demand and Possession Notice before the concerned DRT
  • Securitization Appeal against Interim and Final Orders before the concerned DRAT
  • Writ Petition before the concerned High Court against orders of the DRAT

We have been representing Financial & Operational Creditors under the Insolvency Code, 2016 before the NCLT. We are also engaged in a lot of debt recovery litigation mostly on behalf of proprietorship and partnership concerns before the Debts Recovery Tribunal and the Debts Recovery Appellate Tribunal. The firm has also represented its clients before the Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction thereby bringing the much needed relief to insolvent entities.

  • Civil Suit for Injunction and Damages - Passing off and Trademark infringement
  • Prosecutions and Criminal Action under Copyright Law
  • Application and Registration of Patents
  • Application and Registration of Trademarks.

The importance of intellectual property has increased manifold times in the contemporary years owing to numerous factors. We are conscious of the needs of our clients and provide high quality representation and advisory in the sector of intellectual property law. We have filed numerous suits for injunction and damages thereby bringing immediate relief to the suffering party. We have also successful defended parties who have been maintaining a distinct product/ brand which does not violate the claiming trademark.

  • Filing of Arbitration Petitions
  • Filing of Applications for Appointment of Arbitrator(s)
  • Filing of Applications for Interim Relief
  • Enforcement and Execution of Arbitral Awards
  • Challenging an existing Award
  • Drafting an Arbitration Agreement
  • State regulated Mediation
  • Private Mediation

We appreciate and understand the importance of alternative modes of dispute resolution in bringing the desired relief to our clients. We are presently engaged in various institutionalized and non institutionalized arbitration proceedings. The firm represents individual concerns and its corporate clients before the concerned arbitral tribunal. We also promote mediation as a way of settlement of disputes in the ongoing litigations.

  • Representing minority Shareholder(s) under Companies Act, 2013 against Oppression & Mismanagement.
  • Representing majority Shareholders and resisting claims / allegations of Oppression & Mismanagement.
  • Representing Companies, Directors or Shareholders against proposed offences committed under the Companies Act, 2013.
  • Representing Companies before the NCLT for proposed Mergers / Acquisitions under the Companies Act, 2013.

We have represented various individual shareholders, directors and Corporate persons before the NCLT. We have been successful in the past in getting the appropriate relief to shareholders who were aggrieved with the manner in which the Company was running.